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  • adventurco: Yep, but i caught just the top of TX, think i was on I-40 at the time
    Today at 11:28:15
  • JustinLonghorn: I miss my Rabbit GTI
    Today at 11:28:16
  • adventurco: MKI or MKII?
    Today at 11:28:36
  • JustinLonghorn: MKI with Wolfsburg round headlight grill.
    Today at 11:29:45
  • adventurco: fuck yeah. those things are legend
    Today at 11:30:15
  • JustinLonghorn: It was a fun car until basically the entire electrical system went tits up.
    Today at 11:33:05
  • adventurco: hahaha. good old volkswagen for you. i had an MKI jetta. it used to ghost rev up to 4k randomly while stopped. I could start in 2nd without touching the gas if i timed it right
    Today at 11:34:36
  • vandito.cb: drove 2 hours with no oil in my mk1 by accident. music was too loud, oil light was too dim...she made it out alive.
    Today at 11:36:14
  • JustinLonghorn: I did that with my 400F.
    Today at 11:36:51
  • JustinLonghorn: Took a sprocket failure to get me to check the oil.
    Today at 11:37:12
  • adventurco: You still have that bike? I was looking through that thread the other day.
    Today at 11:37:56
  • adventurco: Those things are pretty.
    Today at 11:38:00
  • adventurco: van how the hell did that thing survive 2 hours no oil?
    Today at 11:38:16
  • JustinLonghorn: Unfortunately no. Only bike I regret selling.
    Today at 11:38:26
  • adventurco: was a nice piece
    Today at 11:39:25
  • JustinLonghorn: That bike takes the cake for smiles per CC
    Today at 11:40:56
  • adventurco: I'll bet. Someone on here just bought one, think i saw a pic up the other day
    Today at 11:43:02
  • vandito.cb: no idea. i doubt it was completely dry when i left, but by the time i came home from PA, it sounded like those rifle games at the boardwalks.
    Today at 11:45:40
  • vandito.cb: the dipstick didnt have a lick of oil on it, but it was well worth the trip for the roof rack 10/10
    Today at 11:46:00
  • adventurco: roof rack = necessary
    Today at 11:46:43
  • adventurco: btw i would give backyard sandblasting a 0/10 according to your rating system
    Today at 11:47:00
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 11:56:21
  • adventurco: Cant imagine thats a comfortable ride
    Today at 12:03:42
  • haircuttergirl: Greetings fellas
    Today at 12:08:44
  • JustinLonghorn: Morning, Jenniffffier
    Today at 12:11:44
  • haircuttergirl: Shupe. How bout some peaches ;D
    Today at 12:15:03
  • Joon-yah: Jeeeee-eeeeen!!!!
    Today at 12:15:19
  • haircuttergirl: Joooonyaaaaaaaaaa!! <3 how are ya babe?
    Today at 12:15:49
  • Joon-yah: Pretty good,how bout ya self
    Today at 12:16:11
  • haircuttergirl: Doing great. You making barber?
    Today at 12:16:46
  • Joon-yah: That's the plan!!
    Today at 12:17:09
  • haircuttergirl: Bringing your beautiful girl?
    Today at 12:18:57
  • Joon-yah: Oh yeah....
    Today at 12:20:13
  • haircuttergirl: Yay. It'll be great to see y'all :D
    Today at 12:20:34
  • JustinLonghorn: [link]
    Today at 12:21:55
  • vandito.cb: 0/10 as in it was a total media loss?
    Today at 12:22:39
  • Joon-yah: Likewise Jenn
    Today at 12:25:20
  • JustinLonghorn: I am ready to venture back into the land of Alabama.
    Today at 12:26:22
  • Joon-yah: Bout damn time ;)
    Today at 12:27:12
  • JustinLonghorn: It has been a minute or two too long.
    Today at 12:28:27
  • haircuttergirl: Yes. Yes it has
    Today at 12:30:35
  • Joon-yah: what she said
    Today at 12:33:42
  • haircuttergirl: How's the gym treating ya Jooonyaaaaa
    Today at 12:34:30
  • Joon-yah: Pretty good, took a break for handbuilt but have been back at it
    Today at 12:45:48
  • Joon-yah: You still at it?
    Today at 12:46:07
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 12:50:51
  • haircuttergirl: Yep, taking it a little easier these days though. Dr's orders
    Today at 12:50:53
  • Joon-yah: Gotcha...that grip is cool
    Today at 12:51:22
  • haircuttergirl: I love it
    Today at 12:51:44
  • adventurco: I like the cork. nice touch
    Today at 12:59:17

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