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  • Tune-A-Fish: That dude knows way too much or I'm gullable
    Today at 18:38:06
  • haircuttergirl: Boobs aren't going anywhere! Hahaha
    Today at 18:38:34
  • haircuttergirl: May 13-16 is the Thaw, Mike
    Today at 18:39:04
  • Tune-A-Fish: It's 87 and the house is warming for the evening already ???
    Today at 18:39:19
  • haircuttergirl: My house is super hot right now. 3 batches of brownies just came out of the oven. But I'm too stubborn to turn ac on just yet
    Today at 18:40:05
  • Kamn: I dont know how you guys and gals drink mountain dew
    Today at 18:40:28
  • Kamn: and are those "special" brownies  wink wink
    Today at 18:40:49
  • Tune-A-Fish: I did yesterday and it blew up... Karma I guess. They are comming already tomorrow to replace the entire system
    Today at 18:40:56
  • Kamn: And then sell the house Tune
    Today at 18:41:31
  • Maritime: Ha thanks Jenn I think Eric told me that now.  It's not the long weekend here this year so may be harder for time off, so mid o may be more doable as my vacation resets on july1
    Today at 18:41:53
  • haircuttergirl: I've been saving for a new heating/ac unit for a while. Determined to not do credit if not necessary.
    Today at 18:41:55
  • Tune-A-Fish: [link]
    Today at 18:42:35
  • Kamn: best way baby
    Today at 18:42:45
  • haircuttergirl: Not special brownies in that sense, Kamn. But they are about to be slathered in this amazing peanut butter concoction I make, then melted chocolate over the top.
    Today at 18:42:50
  • Tune-A-Fish: Im doing 18 mons same as cash but yeah hate credit hell, but I shelled out a ton last year
    Today at 18:43:39
  • Kamn: oooohhh brownies with extra gooey stuff on top.....damn I need to be there to eat that
    Today at 18:43:44
  • Maritime: Holy hell Jenn stop putting that up or I may attempt the drive !
    Today at 18:43:50
  • Tune-A-Fish: My shop is paid for yay!
    Today at 18:43:55
  • haircuttergirl: Always Cash. I did my last set of tires on credit though. Interest free for 6 months. I've had em 6 weeks and will pay em off next wk. Was better than throwing it out all at once. Didn't realize I needed em yet so hadn't planned ahead. Had wires showing though
    Today at 18:44:13
  • Kamn: Its a nice feeling when things are paid for in full and you owe NO ONE
    Today at 18:44:53
  • haircuttergirl: I also have these amazing pumpkin pie muffins sitting here. Texture and flavor of pumpkin pie... in muffin form
    Today at 18:44:55
  • Tune-A-Fish: yep trick is to budget and get it paid dont let it lapse
    Today at 18:45:15
  • haircuttergirl: After I pay the tires off my only debt is my house. Paid off 6500 in medical debt in Jan. That was the final thing fo me
    Today at 18:45:40
  • Maritime: Good on you Jenn. We are working our way there too. It's hard but almost down to mortgage and one car payment. No other debt. About 1.5 years out.
    Today at 18:45:56
  • haircuttergirl: I'm a huge dork about budgeting. I do budgets for friends and family. I love sitting down with their stuff and showing em how much they could be saving. Most people have no clue how much they're blowing.
    Today at 18:46:52
  • Maritime: Well need to make some supper.   Cheers
    Today at 18:47:35
  • Tune-A-Fish: Selling my house just when I like it... sad but we are in a good position and it may not come again for a long time
    Today at 18:47:35
  • haircuttergirl: That's awesome, Mike! I'm hoping to refi aoon. Just gotta have the time. The rates are way lower than mine right now
    Today at 18:47:36
  • haircuttergirl: *soon
    Today at 18:47:55
  • haircuttergirl: Later, Mike!
    Today at 18:48:09
  • Tune-A-Fish: just do it way before december
    Today at 18:48:25
  • Tune-A-Fish: rates cant get any lower
    Today at 18:48:45
  • haircuttergirl: I heard they're increasing in June. :/
    Today at 18:49:15
  • Tune-A-Fish: if your in an arm get out
    Today at 18:58:01
  • haircuttergirl: Arm?
    Today at 19:00:21
  • Tune-A-Fish: Average Rate Mortgage and most have a 8-10 year ballon
    Today at 19:01:49
  • Tune-A-Fish: balloon
    Today at 19:01:56
  • Nj732port: Did rates go up a few months ago?
    Today at 19:39:12
  • Nj732port: I'm supposed to be cleaning those rims and I just don't want to
    Today at 19:39:56
  • Maritime: I ate a terrible feel fried fish and chips supper and should now be sanding the crv door but instead I feel like a nap
    Today at 19:42:41
  • Nj732port: Hahaha fried food coma! Did you atleast beer batter the feesh?
    Today at 19:44:02
  • Nj732port: Doesn't help its raining out here
    Today at 19:44:40
  • Nj732port: Maybe I'll play with the wiring?....nahhhh
    Today at 19:44:57
  • Brodie: It is raining here as well. I was thinking of going for another shakedown on the TS but looks like that is off the cards till I buy some fenders and an air filter
    Today at 20:08:38
  • Tune-A-Fish: I was gonna put my shop back together but feelin lazy and hungry so opened a beer
    Today at 20:13:51
  • Nj732port: I have a K&N for sale fits Mikuni 34
    Today at 20:31:37
  • Nj732port: We ran out of beer
    Today at 20:31:56
  • Nj732port: Can't wait till I can just go to the beach and be lazy
    Today at 20:32:14
  • wahvtec: lol i grabbed beer on the way home from work.  Then took some time to clean up shop and re arrange the tools.
    Today at 20:34:00
  • Nj732port: Doesn't it feel so good when the shop is freshly organized?! I'm going to get my wiring hopefully once it's in front of me I'll do something with it
    Today at 20:39:52

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